Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

by ElectTech on February 28, 2011

Well, hello Dash, where have you been all of our lives?  Sure, sure, we love our iPhone, our iPad, and our laptop, but if we had had our choice, we would have dashed on over to be with you.  We know, cheesy, but we can’t help it.  The Dash™ Personal Internet Viewer constantly delivers your favorite parts of the internet, all at a glance. Through BRAVIA® Internet Video, dash brings you instant access to a variety of movies, TV episodes, videos and music from a large selection of entertainment apps including Netflix®, YouTube™, Slacker® and more.

Now, let us talk apps.  Lots of apps.  Our iPhone currently has about five because, well, we’re too cheap to pay for any additional ones and then when we do break down and buy one, it gets updated, then we have to remember our password of iTunes and we forget because we’re not using it all the time and … you get the picture.  The Dash provides you with over 1,000 free apps from chumby® industries streaming your own personalized channel of news, games, social networking and more, dash offers a premium entertainment experience that only Sony can deliver.

Now, you’ll have to excuse us, we need to dash over to to pick up The Dash!

P.S. is throwing in FREE shipping … with the 1,000 free apps we think you’d be losing money if you didn’t buy this!


Toshiba Satellite 15.6″ Notebook

by ElectTech on February 27, 2011

You’re on the go and we’ve got the go-to notebook to handle your busy personal and professional life!  Stay on top of work and fun by staying connected with the Satellite C655 notebook computer, an amazingly affordable, easy-to-use PC for basic productivity at home or in your office–whether that be in or outdoors!

Featuring a diagonal 15.6” TruBrite HD display, plus the latest dual-core processor technology and graphics, this laptop gives families, students and small and home-based businesses alike the essential power and workspace to study, tackle budgets, and keep up on the fast paced social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Every minute counts and every minute your not connected is like a year in cyberland!

Wi-Fi and Ethernet let you connect, browse, buy that new gadget you’ve had your eye on, or upload movies and photos. Plus, plenty of ports and storage give you the freedom to expand, or hold more files and media. It also features an eco-conscious design with a distinctive textured finish.

Now go forth and conquer with the Toshiba Satellite.  You’ve proven you need it, people are always wanting to get in touch with you!

Life just got a little easier, thanks to

You’re welcome!


Logitech® Speaker Lapdesk

February 26, 2011

Spring is around the corner, but as we live and breath, we can hardly believe that.  Looking outside, we see icicles and snow drifts and gray dull skies.  All we can think about is grabbing our laptop, our lapdesk, and snuggling into watch a movie!  With stereo sound and built-in comfort, you’ll get big-time sound [...]

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Panasonic DMP-BD65 Blu-ray DVD Player – WiFi Ready

February 25, 2011

Are you ready?  Are you ready to start watching your favorite high-definition movies almost instantly with the Panasonic DMP-BD65 Blu-ray Disc player, which features an ultra-fast 2-second boot time. We thought that would get your attention!  You’ll also enjoy BD-Live and Panasonic’s VIERA Cast functionality for accessing Internet video content thanks to your new best [...]

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Olympus SP-800UZ 14 Megapixel Digital Camera

February 24, 2011

There’s something about that smell of spring in the air, it makes us want to get out and create!  Create memories, create art, create HD movies of life inside and out of our home; a girl with a red balloon at the park, a puppy pulling on someone’s pant leg, a leaf floating down a [...]

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Monster Music PowerCenter Monster Power HTS 850 Home Theater Line Conditioner

February 23, 2011

Easy cowboy!  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves!  First things first when installing the home theatre of your dreams … you need a line conditioner.  Yes, you heard us right.  Put down the giant remote, stop looking at theatre chairs, and focus.  The Monster Music PowerCenter Monster Power HTS Home Theater Line Conditioner with Stage [...]

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Looxcie Wearable Bluetooth Camcorder

February 22, 2011

Move over Scorsese!  The Looxcie Wearable Bluetooth Camcorder is the next big thing in cinema, we feel it and we’ve never been wrong.  Well, we did predict Howard the Duck was going to be a huge hit, so I guess we’ve been wrong once.  Time Magazine named Looxcie one of the 50 Best Inventions for [...]

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ViewSonic ViewPad 7 – 7” Android 2.2* Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Tablet

February 21, 2011

Mommy and Daddy’s new best friend, babysitter, and life saver.  Think of how easy road  trips would have been when we were kids if we had an Android!  No more fighting with your siblings, crying, screaming “Are we there yet?”!  The Android 2.2 OS ViewPad 7 is in a lightweight pocket-sized 7” tablet and one [...]

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Cyanics BCX-300 Bluetooth v2.1 Handsfree Car Kit w/Built-in Microphone & Speaker

February 20, 2011

Picture this, just you, the open road, and your Cyanics BCX-300 Bluetooth v2.1 Handsfree Car Kit with Built-in microphone and speaker.  Well, when you put it that way it does sound a little crowded and it does conjure up the phrase, “Two’s Company, three’s a crowd.”, but believe us, the Hands free Car Kit by [...]

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Gyration Air Mouse Elite

February 17, 2011

It’s like the air guitar of computers … with the swipe of your hand your mouse gently glides and guides.  Plus, you’ll look like a rockstar in front of your colleagues and family when you join the music we mean motion revolution! The elegant and ergonomic Air Mouse Elite brings the intuitive simplicity of motion [...]

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