You love us, you love us not

by ElectTech on February 5, 2011

Nah, you love us!  You’ll really love us when you realize that once again, we’ve saved your hide this Valentine’s Day and found fabulous gifts at outrageously good prices for your sweetheart once again this year.  We kind of feel like your personal Cupid, only we refuse to wear diapers–they’re bulky, unflattering, too revealing, and not nearly absorbent enough.  However, the bow and arrow?  Heck yeah!  Local law enforcement has cautioned us before about carrying weapons, but they would have to get behind (get it?  ha! cause Cupids shoot people in the behind?  We of course, would never do that.) us on this since it’s for love and all that and the arrows are really tiny, more like a thumbtack when you get down to it.  Wait, what were we talking about?  Oh!  Screaming good sweetheart deals!  Without further adieu …

Help your main squeeze enjoy their music anywhere–and if you’re your own personal Valentine this year, that’s ok too!  We should all have a little more love for ourselves!  With a Logitech® Squeezebox™ player, it’s all about what you want. Maybe you just like to listen to your own music collection. Or you’re always hunting for something new. Whatever your music tastes and listening style are, a Squeezebox player gives you an infinite play list.

Showing you the love, that’s!

Be our Valentine,

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